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Teleport to the Town of Oia in Santorini, Greece with Dame Traveler Toni

Hello, Dame Travelers! My name is Toni and I share my photos from my travels on my Instagram. Oia, Santorini has always been #1 on my Travel Bucket List for as long as I can remember. Santorini is a part of a larger group of islands called the Cyclades. A very long time ago, there was a volcanic eruption that caused some of the islands to submerge in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of these islands is believed to be Atlantis. Santorini is one of the surviving islands, though.

When I finally went to Oia this October, it was like stepping into a dream, and it was definitely more than I have ever hoped for.

Our cave house had an infinity pool and a lovely view over the caldera and the Mediterranean Sea – perfect for daydreaming and soaking in the lovely environment.

The main street of Oia looks like this; it literally feels like walking in a heavenly place!

Blue, white and pristine views everywhere – definitely an artist’s paradise.

There are a lot of brides having their pictorials done in Oia – because who wouldn’t?

All the steps appear to lead to a beautiful somewhere.

The blue dome churches are the most popular buildings in the island. You know those churches that you can see in every travel agency or every advertisement for Greece? Yes, those. The interesting thing is that these blue dome churches aren’t easy to find! You have to look for them yourself – but looking for them isn’t a chore, as there’s always something beautiful to find in the little alleyways of Oia.

Unfortunately, the two days I visited Oia were cloudy, and so I did not get to witness the marvellous sunset! However, the twilight was spectacular, though.

As day turned into night, Oia just became prettier. Look at all those lights!

About the Dame Traveler: Toni is a student of neuroscience and neuropsychology. In between clinics and school, she likes traveling the world. Follow her travels on Instagram



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