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    Love Wine? Add These Destinations To Your Bucket List

    Love Wine? These Destinations Should Be At The Top Of Your Bucket List

    Wine! Who knew fermented grapes could be such an incredible drink, filled with such rich notes, flavors and history? Today we’re sharing some of top destinations wine-lovers should add to their bucket lists! Bordeaux, France Wine buffs know that Bordeaux has got it going on! After all, Bordeaux touts some of the world’s biggest wine-tourism experiences and over a quarter million acres of vineyards. With six regions, 10,000 wine-producing (and simply stunning!) châteaux’s, ample wine routes, guided tours, cruises, tasting classes…

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  • A Guide To Aude Valley: The Birthplace of Sparkling Wine
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    The Aude Valley: Birthplace of Sparkling Wine

    When you think sparkling wine, you might think of Champagne or Prosecco and the respective areas of northern France and Italy where they’re from. However, the title of “Birthplace of Sparkling Wine” is hotly…

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    A Complete Guide of the Wineries of South Africa

    Wine tasting is one of my favorite things to do – it’s indulgent, transformative and unique, and strongly  connected to the earth. From the innovative winemakers designing new blends and those grooming their terroir to…