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    What’s In Our Day Bag For Sightseeing

    What's In Our Day Bag For Sightseeing

    A girl on the go has gotta be ready for a full day of the good stuff: sightseeing, exploring, noshing on treats, fulfilling her itinerary and bucketlists and saying yes to the unexpected turns of adventure. But being prepared for the full day’s worth of travel is not easy – and that’s a total understatement. Today we wanted to spotlight the key accessories and must-haves we always pack in our day bag for sightseeing!

    Slim Wallet

    When on the go, the space taken up by odds and ends in your day bag is prime real estate! That’s why we love a small, slim wallet. Stocked with ID’s, credit cards, a photocopy of our passports and a small section for coins.


    Is there anything more chic than a traveler wearing her vintage inspired sunglasses? UVA/B protected – of course. We love frames that feel nostalgic and pack up easily in our day bag for sightseeing on the go.


    Packable Water Bottle

    We’re all about reduce wasting! That’s why we love a reusable water bottle when traveling. Not only will you save cash buying overpriced water bottles here and there on your trip… but you can also feel good about reducing plastics.


    Small Toiletries

    Trust us on this! Little, tiny toiletries – like a moisturizing chap stick, a reliable concealer and a portable mascara – save the day after a long afternoon of sightseeing. You can find our favorite tiny, TSA-approved beauty favorites here!

    What's In Our Day Bag For Sightseeing

    Daily Medicine

    An obvious packed item in our day bag! Daily medicine stowed for any sort of issue while out and about is important. Depending on your location, you may really struggle to find a reliable pharmacy. Save yourself the headache (literally!) and pack your own small portions of your daily over-the-counter and prescription medicines.


    Considering how much we rely on our phones, it’s important to store our charger in our day bag! A few hours relying on offline maps or getting snap-happy in gorgeous locations will put a serious dent in your phone’s battery. Think ahead and bring your charger or extra battery.

    Hair Ties

    For gals with long hair, pack a couple of these bad boys in your day bag and thank us later. Sometimes we leave our rooms in the morning unaware of how hot it can get! Having an extra hair tie in your bag can really save the day on those humid, scorching days that pop up unexpectedly.


    Travel Journal & Pen

    We’re stationary snobs, if you didn’t know that already from our round up of our favorite journals perfect for travelers. You’ll never find us without a little, packable journal and pen in our bag! It’s something we turn to when we have a free minute at a cafe or waiting for public transportation.


    Having a scarf packed in our day bag for sightseeing may seem a little unnecessary, but we can’t tell you how often we reach for it! Sometimes a cool morning or an unplanned stop at a historic, religious site comes up in your day. Having a scarf to wrap around your arms gives you the modesty to enter these places (or just keep your warm)! Having a trusty travel scarf is sort of a must as a traveler.

    Packable Umbrella

    Our motivations are obvious for this one! We love a packable umbrella that does the job while not taking up too much space in our bags.



    Save your skin and pack a little bottle of sunscreen for a long day out! We’re guilty for forgetting ours and paying the price for it. No matter where you are, sun damage is a real thing!

    What’s in your day bag for sightseeing? Are there any must-haves you always need to have with you that we missed?