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    5 Ways To Go Off The Grid

    5 Ways To Go Off The Grid

    Our lives seem to increasingly evolve around busyness. Constant information flows often result in an information overload, leaving no time to think. While little downtimes are the vital element to clear your head, they are also essential for a high productivity and creativity level. Sometimes to get the job done, you first need to go off the grid. And this is how to do it.

    Book That Spa Visit

    The first thing that comes to mind whenever you need a break? Right, book yourself a little treatment. But why stop at a 60 minute pampering when you can stay the night? One of those unique detox destinations is the wellness resort Santani. A former tea plantation within a pristine forest, designed according to the highest sustainability and eco-standards. A place to retreat and rejuvenate, with wellness programmes in Ayurveda, detox, yoga and spa in combination with enlightened learning for healthy living.


    Take A Solo Trip

    Vacation, long or short is often the ultimate way to go off the grid and get some downtime. But taking a solo trip will really give you plenty of room to think, to wander, to daydream. It also makes for a great timing to try a technology detox.

    Switch Off Your Phone

    This seems simple, but might actually be the hardest part for some of us. We are glued to our phones during the day (and sometimes night). Today’s millennial picks up his/her phone an average of 150 times a day. We are always online, always there, never not reachable. Switching off your phone will bring back a sometimes lost focus for the current moment. And with that, a much needed peace of mind.

    5 Ways To Go Off The Grid


    Try Yoga & Surfing

    There is nothing like a beach holiday lazing in the sun. Yet, even the biggest sunbathers will want to get active at some point. Yoga and surf is the perfect combination and retreats have become increasingly popular in the last years. If you are a surf pro who has never heard of β€˜downward facing dog’, or a professional yogi looking to jump on the board now and then – this is for you! You can either go all in and start with a one week retreat at one of our favorites – Sunshinestories in Sri Lanka – or join in on the local pace of life at their sister hotel Ceylon Sliders. There is no better way to free your mind!

    5 Ways To Go Off The Grid


    Take A Walk

    While you have your phone off, you might find yourself with some extra time at hand. Use it to take a walk! Only 30 minutes of walking a day can have strong mental and physical benefits. But even just a quick spin around the block can help you to clear your head

    55 Ways To Go Off The Grid Ways To Go Off The Grid


    Easy enough, right?