See The Real Valencia

See The Real Valencia

A southern Spanish port city, Valencia is a renowned tourist destination thanks to its futuristic attractions, culturally relevant art collections and stunning natural landscape. The third-largest city in Spain, this thriving hub welcomes thousands of tourists every year and is revered for its artistic and cultural contributions. Originally a Roman colony, the city has been inhabited by residents from many cultures over the centuries, and as such it has a rich history and many multi-cultural influences on its cuisine, dialect and architecture. For those looking to explore the city in all its glory, read on.

Visit As Many Attractions As Possible

Valencia has a range of awe-inspiring attractions, including the Oceanarium, Interactive Museum and the City of Arts and Sciences, so there’s something to suit everyone. Families, couples and individuals alike will enjoy spending time in this beautiful city and seeing all the sights. There’s so much to do that you’ll have to make sure that you plan your trip properly and fit in enough time to have fun at all the attractions you want to experience.

See The Real Valencia

Sample Local Delicacies

Being a port city Valencia is renowned for its sumptuous fresh seafood, so tasting the city’s paella is a must. Other local specialities include roasted pumpkin known as Calabaza asada, sweet, succulent doughnuts called Bunuelos and a flavorful eel stew named All i pebre. All of these treats and more are freshly made in restaurants, food trucks and cafes throughout the city, so try to top and snack as much as you can during your time in Valencia.

See The Real Valencia

Enjoy The Nightlife

With a thriving club and bar scene Valencia is a great city to explore by night. From thrill-seekers looking for a vibrant nightclub to those looking to for a quiet drink in a cosy bar, there’s something for everyone in this bustling city, so have fun exploring and finding the perfect establishment that suits your personal tastes.

Take A Tour

One of the best ways to quickly learn about a new city is to take a guided tour, and in Valencia, there are some great providers offering free walking tours so that you can learn more about the city’s rich history and culture. There’s a lot to do in Valencia, so taking a walking tour will help you to see the attractions that you might like to visit later.

See The Real Valencia

If You’re Staying Longer, Find Yourself Quality Accommodation

It’s easy to fall in love with Valencia, so if you do decide to stay longer or return later then make sure that you find the perfect property to make a home in. If you’re lucky enough to be able to study at one of the city’s fine education establishments then Collegiate offers incredible accommodation that includes a pool, concierge service and in-house facilities like a cinema, fitness suite and library.

See The Real Valencia

So if you’re traveling to Valencia to enjoy some winter sun, or planning on making it your new home, make the most out of your experience with these tips so that you see everything this incredible city has to offer.

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