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Photo Diary of Kona, Hawaii, the Big Island

The Island of Hawaii, Kona

The main island of Hawaii is a beautiful location to experience the “aloha” life. It’s pastoral beginnings make it one of the more laid back islands with lots of large, open spaces–and 14 different climates! The island boasts a very diverse landscape, from the active lava fields, beaches, and wet northern coast, to the coffee region of Kona. It’s a great place to explore nature or just relax on the beach. Here are a few spots that I enjoyed on a recent trip.

Keei Bay
This hidden oasis would have been difficult to find without help from some locals. It’s located along the Kealakekua coastline and would be easy to miss. But it’s completely worth hunting down! The water was the most magical color I have ever experienced and it’s deep enough for cliff jumping.

Hawaiian Flowers
One of the most remarkable things to me are these little flowers. Most people might recognize them since they are often seen on little hair clips and other Hawaii paraphernalia. But, the crazy thing is that the real flowers look completely fake! You can hardly tell the difference between the plastic one in someone’s hair and real one blooming on the tree. 

Kealakekua Bay
The coast along Kona is known for it’s rocky terrain, but it also has lovely little beaches mixed in. It’s great for snorkeling and cliff jumping. And for a tip–no one owns the beach in Hawaii, so all beaches are available to the public. Don’t be afraid to try them out!

The most luxurious hotel on the main island, the Fairmont lives up to it’s reputation with a grand and stunning space. It’s a great place to stay of course, but if that’s not in your budget, go have a drink by the water or dinner at one of their restaurants.

It’s definitely a Hawaii cliche, but I think it’s a great one. Treat yourself to one of these beautiful pieces of local culture. And a tip: buy one at the local Kona market and you can probably see someone making them–or take a class!

 Also Keei Bay

The Lagoon at the Royal Kona Hotel
The Royal Kona is a great hotel in the heart of Kona. If you want to be walking distance to all the restaurants and shops, this is the spot I would recommend. They also have a great restaurant/bar with probably one of the best views of the sunset. This lagoon is also on the property–but a little tip–you can access it even if you’re not a guest!

The Most Southern Point in the U.S. 
If you drive South of Kona for a little while you will eventually reach these wide open pastures with beautiful roaming horses. Then, if you drive to the very end of that road, you will find the most Southern point of the United States. And, from this point, if you look back up the coast towards Kona, you will see the most stunning cliffs–one of my favorite views of the island.





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