Traveling The World With Mini-Cutouts Of Myself

I took a photography class during college and one of the topics for discussion was travel photography and why people feel the need to go to well-known places and sites and take their own photograph, when it’s likely that a million (better) photos of the same place exist somewhere on the internet.

I suppose that’s why some people travel with a ceramic gnome to set their photos apart. I travel with a mini-cutout of myself. I started the hashtag #kohonthego in November 2014. Since then, I’ve been creating a #kohonthego post for every trip I’ve been on. It acts like a ‘book end’ for my Instagram, marking every time I change locations – whether it’s on a work trip, vacation, or a complete move.

Being based in Cambodia when I started, my first posts are from Southeast Asia. Since then, I’ve made a couple pit stops in the Middle East, gone on a whirlwind road trip through Europe, stopped by Korea to escape the heat and humidity of Cambodia, made my way to Middle-earth, and packed up my bags and returned to Kenya from where I am taking the opportunity to see more of the continent I grew up in.

Chasing oodles of noodles between work meetings in Ho Chi Minh.
Working out of office in rural Cambodia.
Driving through Kuala Lumpur at night.
Loitering in the alleys of Beirut.
Jumping around in Italy.
Trying to stay warm in Austria.
Waking up in Bangkok, one of my favourite cities in Southeast Asia.
Watching sunsets in Kep.
In Korea, experiencing winter for the first time in three years.
Packing up my life and leaving Cambodia.
Flying in and out of JKIA – the airport I grew up in.
Back at the Indian Ocean.

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