Interview with Dame Traveler Simone Celeste of Lust in Wander

I’m a 20 something Sagittarian from Adelaide, South Australia. When it comes to travel there are people who confuse loving travel with loving a holiday. I’m definitely a lover of travel, of experiences, of exploration and of adventure. It’s the culture of a place, the smell of the food, the laughter of its people, and how they wake up in the morning that excites me. You’ll most likely find me somewhere down an alley and around a bend, having a chat and a bevvy with a local, immersing myself in their world. I started Lust in Wander in August 2014. It’s my escape back into the worlds I’ve left behind & I’d love it if you would escape with me. I blog both when travelling and once I’ve returned back at home. I prefer to actually post retrospectively so I am as in the moment as much as possible when travelling, although who can resist a good filter and a hashtag when you’re having an amazing travel moment!

GetFileAttachment-2When did you fall in love with travel?
I was 20. I packed my first suitcase and set off on my first overseas trip. Solo.
I travelled to Sweden followed by Holland for a student exchange program that lasted the better part of a year. It saw me immerse myself in different cultures, find my own roots and most importantly juggle classes with the more important things in life like camping in a Munich football field for Oktoberfest. #Priorities.

How do you pack your bags before a big adventure?
It’s all about the roll. And then the stuff.
For example, put your socks in your shoes. Don’t waste that space! I also lay out my clothes then remove almost 50%. I don’t know about you but I always think I need more than I do until I see it. Also remember where you are going. If for example it’s tropical you really need a good cozzie, that’s Aussie for swimsuit, along with one or two maxi dresses, some tank tops, flip flops and one pair of sneakers. I never bring a beach towel because you can borrow from the hotel or home stay, pick one up cheap at a beach or purchase one as a memento. My one luxury is that I don’t buy travel shampoos. I don’t think getting away means you have to be craving life’s little luxuries so I always pack a good shampoo and conditioner, then no matter where you are staying you’ll feel a bit glam.

GetFileAttachment-3What is your travel style?
Easy, simple and bear in mind any culture sensitivities. Always pack a scarfe or a sarong for temples/churches/etc. I’m a backpack not a suitcase kind of girl because the best accommodation is often up some obscure hill or staircase! I’ve also started limiting my souvenirs to one per place. This is very recent after returning from Turkey with more tiles than I had room for and countless bowls. It means thinking before I spend so what I end up with is a true symbol of each place.

If you could pick up and go anywhere in the world right now where would it be?
Sri Lanka. My plan is two weeks at the end of the year so watch this space!

Advice to aspiring travelers?
Just do it. I remember as a teenager all I wanted to do was see the world. I had never travelled before and the farthest I had been was a three hour plane trip from my house. In Australia that means you’re still in the same country! It’s definitely daunting but it’s the most liberating and inspiring thing you will ever do. Nowadays it’s super easy to get informed & visit blogs and sites to see what other people are doing. If you want some company and can’t find a friend take a tour. Or break it up between solo and tour time until you find your niche. The ‘What Ifs’ are always worse so feel the fear and carpe diem anyway!





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