How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Golf Trip

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Golf Trip

If you are an avid golfer looking for your next vacation or perhaps just a weekend trip, you may be thinking about how to save money. No matter what kind of vacation you are interested in, saving money is always a bonus since vacations can quickly add up in costs. Here is an easy guide to planning your next golf trip, without pushing your spending through the roof.

Think Ahead

Planning a golf trip should be done well in advance. Of course, you will want to enjoy the trip stress-free, as well as give all your family and friends plenty of notice. If you want it to be a golf trip with your golf partners, they will need plenty of notice to arrange time off work and let their family know too. Booking things in advance makes it easier to ensure everyone’s schedules are free. You also have more choice when it comes to booking early, as things can get booked up and spaces reserved if you leave it too late!

The Right Location

It can be tricky figuring out where to visit. The closer to home you go, the more money you will be saving on transport fees. If you want to keep to a tight budget, somewhere within driving distance is your best bet, then you only have to pay your fuel costs. Of course, different seasons mean different weather conditions wherever you go, so if you want to golf all-year-round then you might be looking to travel a bit further. While your dream golf-location might be on your mind, making sure everyone can come along means sticking to a tighter budget. Your golfing trip should be about having fun and spending some relaxing time away, enjoying it, not worrying about how much you over-spent.

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Golf Trip

Facilities and Lodgings

Choosing accommodation with an on-site golf course makes it easy to get your day started. You can easily cut costs down by picking an all-in-one site, so you are spending one sum rather than multiple different fees. Be careful to check what is included in the prices, to avoid any unwanted additional fees. Package deals and all-inclusive options are a great way to save money and not worry about over-spending. Booking a house that accommodates lots of guests means you can split the costs with your group, so they would make a suitable choice if you are including family on your golf trip. If you are looking for a suitable place for a family vacation, an Orlando golf vacation could be a great choice. With lots of entertainment included in the lodging, and space for larger groups, Wyndham Vacation Rentals has affordable options located near golf sites. 

Invitation List 

The price of your trip will vary depending on who is invited. Paying for just yourself will keep costs down, but if you are making this more than a day trip, families may need an invite too. You will have to plan this step carefully to avoid hurting feelings. Traveling as a group can also mean potential tensions, so make sure the people invited are easy to get along with, and a leader is established. If this is your trip, then do you want to be responsible for making the final call on dinner choices, picking the accommodation and the entertainment? The last thing you need is disagreements to spoil the golf outing.

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Golf Trip

Budgets and Itineraries

Unlike a family vacation, your golf trip will be including lots of adults. This means sharing the costs needs to be done fairly. It is important that you establish within your golf group what all of the costs are and how everyone is going to pay. Getting a clear budget ahead of time is essential so that nobody ends up paying more than they wanted to. Not everyone can afford the same things, so make sure your trip is suitable and cost-efficient for all the invitees, or they may back out. If you are picking a shared lodging, who will pay for meals and cooks them? If you are carpooling, who pays for fuel? Make sure to draw up all of the costs and keep everyone informed on what they are liable to pay for.

Drawing up an itinerary can also be useful, so everyone knows when you plan on playing, and when they have some time off to do other activities. Once again, having a group leader can help with this, as having too much choice can cause disagreements about what the plan is and waste time. Take suggestions about what everyone wants to do and negotiate fairly.

Ultimately, your golf trip is about having a great time and enjoying the golfing experience. Careful planning and communication will help your trip be successful, and hopefully, these tips can ensure your trip is up to par! 

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