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How To Find The Most Epic Alpine Views In Switzerland

How To Find The Most Epic Alpine Views In Switzerland

You are scrolling down your social media feed and are captivated by these gorgeous landscapes that seem to be out of this earth. You click on the picture and notice it’s in Switzerland – of course it is. You decide to excitedly plan your next trip to this mecca of mountains and Alpine wonder. The only problem is you have no idea how to get to these majestic places. No worries. In this post, I’ll be detailing on how you too can find these epic views from Switzerland. I’ll also include one secret village that you absolutely cannot miss.

How To Find The Most Epic Alpine Views In Switzerland

Our first stop in Switzerland was Bern. You’ll find Switzerland has beautiful scenery, but also charming towns with picturesque homes. To feel the essence of Switzerland, it’s worth it to spend a day exploring the city side. After a day in Bern, we were ready for our first stop in our quest for epic views – Lauterbrunnen.


Lauterbrunnen is just a short one hour drive from Bern. It’s a village situated in an impressive valley surrounded by waterfalls and mountain peaks. This is the base for many hikers, but the village itself is gorgeous. The most famous waterfall in this valley is Staubbach Falls. It’ll be difficult not to get an epic view of this waterfall as it is towering over this beautiful village. Hike all over Lauterbrunnen to get a view of Staubbach from different angles.

However, if you want to fully appreciate the beauty of Lauterbrunnen you have to do it from above – from the town of Wengen.

How To Find The Most Epic Alpine Views In Switzerland

Wengen – Church with a view

From Lauterbrunnen you can hop on a quick 30 minute train that stops in the beautiful Alpine village of Wengen. The train ride is one of the most scenic I’ve been on. You can get some gorgeous shots on the train, so make sure you sit on the right side.

When you reach the village of  Wengen, you can relax and eat, visit the supermarket and set off on a day of Alpine bliss. Our first stop was a picnic at one of the most epic views of Lauterbrunnen – Evangelical Reformed Church (Evangelisch reformierte Kirche). Take a left when you get out of the train station and the walk will be no more than 10-15 minutes. You should see the church on the left. Stay towards the left of the church and you will encounter benches and an epic view. This was by far the most scenic picnic we have ever had. We stayed here for about two hours just contemplating this beautiful valley view. You can also get lost in Wengen and stumble upon other gorgeous views.

How To Find The Most Epic Alpine Views In Switzerland


The next stop is to go even higher by taking the Wengen–Männlichen aerial cableway to reach the top of the mountain. The cable car ride has some of the most beautiful views, so be prepared to be amazed. The experience of it was worth the steep price. Once you reach Männlichen, you will be surrounded by beautiful views all around.

Once you exit the cable car, turn left and start the Royal Walk Trail to Männlichen peak. It’s a 1 km uphill hike, but it’s worth the effort. The views are spectacular. Männlichen is a great place to hike as you surround yourself with serene and awe-inducing landscapes.


Our last stop in the Lauterbrunnen valley was Murren. There are many ways to get to Murren from Lauterbrunnen as it’s a very popular place. We decided to take the cable car to Grütschalp and then the train to Murren and it took about 45 minutes total. Murren is a gorgeous town that boasts only 400 residents. It has no cars and a peaceful vibe that’s hard to beat.

In order to get the best views from Murren, turn left once you leave the train station and hike as far and as long as you can. Some of the views you’ll find in this village combined with the peaceful and charming surroundings will surely leave an impression on you.

How To Find The Most Epic Alpine Views In Switzerland


For a quintessential Alpine village experience with a gorgeous view of the Matterhorn, head south to Zermatt. Zermatt is a 3.5 hour drive from Lauterbrunnen. I recommend driving so that you can stop at the most scenic spots. It’s a beautiful trip and you’ll want to stop many times to contemplate the gorgeous mountain views.

Once you reach Zermatt, you’ll be able to see the Matterhorn from afar. In order to get a closer view of the Matterhorn, head over to Kirchbrucke bridge. Here you’ll hope for good weather and see a complete view of the Matterhorn in all its glory.

For a much closer look, head to Riffelsee on the Gornergrat train. From the Riffelsee stop you’ll hike about 20 minutes to get to a beautiful view of the Matterhorn reflected in a lake. This is one we missed on this trip, but it just gives us an excuse to come back again.

How To Find The Most Epic Alpine Views In Switzerland


As for the secret town that can’t be missed, you’ll have to stop on your way to Lauterbrunnen. On your way, you’ll discover Sigriswil. This is a beautiful Alpine village we discovered by accident. It was one of our favorite spots to relax and take in the beauty all around. It is not well known, but you can get some different and spectacular views from this quaint town. It’s also a great base to get to Lauterbrunnen. Some of the greatest views can be just hiking down from the center of town and walking around the lake. With few tourists and gorgeous views, this is a peaceful village you cannot miss.

How To Find The Most Epic Alpine Views In Switzerland
How To Find The Most Epic Alpine Views In Switzerland

Get Lost

Switzerland was beyond my wildest dreams. Having planned every hike to various viewpoints, some of the most beautiful views were those we simply stumbled across. As you set off on your Switzerland adventure, remember to enjoy the journey and don’t be afraid to get lost. You might be surprised that the views and moments you encounter while lost were exactly what you were looking for.

Have you experienced the beauty of Switzerland’s alpine views? Be sure to check out our other outdoor guides around the world!

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