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    Peru Photo Diary

    My first stop in Peru was Arequipa. I went to Arequipa directly from the border city Tacna, and the white city of Arequipa mesmerized me on the first day itself. I admired the baroque…

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    Snoqualmie Falls WA: A First Timer’s Guide

    If you are visiting the Pacific Northwest, this is one destination a girl can’t miss! These world famous waterfalls are located 30 minutes from Seattle. The falls are some of the most stunning to be found…

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    9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Baltimore

    Baltimore’s reputation may be in line with the HBO series ‘The Wire,’ but that’s nowhere near the full story. As a longtime Baltimore resident, I understand why Baltimore has earned the nickname of Charm…

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    3 Interesting things to do in Pattaya, Thailand

    Situated on Thailand’s eastern Gulf, Pattaya is a coastal city known for its beaches. Call me a “beach snob,” but I really wasn’t impressed by the beach scene here. They look dirty, not very…