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    Our Soothing Playlist For Nervous Fliers

    Our Soothing Playlist For Nervous Fliers

    Music has the incredible power of setting the tone for our experiences. A free-spirited song for your perfect road trip with the windows down, an ethereal mix for a quiet walk in the woods… music is the divine element that can transform and elevate our mindset. And that’s why having the perfect, soothing playlist for nervous fliers is imperative. 

    As a former nervous flier, there are certain prerequisites I need to truly feel ready to tackle a trip abroad an airplane. And one of them? A soothing mix of music that I can turn to. It might be a small trick, but I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have a familiar, calm song to listen to when my heart starts racing. (You can read about my other biggest tips and tricks for overcoming the fear of flying here!

    Today, I’m happy to say we’re sharing the love for other nervous fliers out there. Here’s our playlist “Mid Air, Mid Flight” – made specifically to soothe the worried soul, no matter how turbulent the conditions may be. Think slow, calming songs that have messages of hope, peace and wonder… the type of music that feels like a warm hug. 

    If you missed our other playlists, we’re spotlight our favorite pieces of music for other Dame Travelers on Spotify. And that’s why we’re sharing monthly playlists dedicated to specific destinations and travelers’ experiences. 

    We really love making these for you all to “escape to” whenever you like. So, be sure to subscribe and tell us what playlist styles, genres and destinations you’d like to see next!

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