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Bali: The Perfect Destination For A Life Transformation

Bali: The Perfect Destination For A Life Transformation

Since the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ with Julia Roberts was screened in 2010, women have been coming to Bali to find life, love and their purpose, if not more. The island of the Gods, known for its high vibrational energy and a multitude of healing and self-development opportunities, is a mecca for spiritual seekers, tourists, digital nomads and creatives alike. 

It’s a jungle with city vibe, a beach with party, a wild mix of Eastern and Western influences and a transformative place home to the Bali Spirit Festival, the Yoga Barn and many healers from all over the world.

Bali: The Perfect Destination For A Life Transformation

But what makes the island so special? For one, the abundance of nature, from jungle to rice fields, mountains to waterfalls, beaches to lagoons has its own kind of magic. Add to this a dozen of healthy restaurants, cafés with cold pressed juices, anti-pollution face masks filled with crystal powder and  diverse workshops from Cacao Ceremonies, to Shamanic Astrology, Detox Programs, Ecstatic Dance, Traditional Balinese Healers, Breath-work, Women’s Circles, Yoga and Meditation, and you see the vortex coming alive that’s up-leveling everyone’s DNA here!

It’s not surprising that so many women leave with their hearts wide open, once they decide to leave Bali (if they ever decide to leave). 

What is so attractive about Bali for Women?

Bali: The Perfect Destination For A Life Transformation

Bali is also very attractive for solo female travelers, since it’s relatively safe to travel around the island and explore it’s diverse natural settings! Furthermore, despite being so popular and attractive to many tourists, Bali is still comparatively cheap and offers a wide range of housing, food and entertainment options from a low price range to high end, which even beats Thailand and Sri Lanka in their offers.

Since Bali is easy to access by scooter and car, it’s safe to move from one astonishing location to the next. The island can be explored solo or in group tours, the Balinese are very friendly and model a harmonious lifestyle, and meeting new friends in cafés, workshops or co-working spaces is easy.

Many expats have settled here long-term to enjoy the leisure lifestyle and the good weather. The level of inspiration is high and the life is good. 

Bali: The Perfect Destination For A Life Transformation

The nature and design of the island is very attractive too, as it’s very feminine in spirit. Everything emanates harmony and beauty, from the abundant greenery everywhere to the meticulously handcrafted offerings at the local temples, the beautiful interior designs of the villas and the smiling Balinese themselves. 

It’s a peaceful island with an abundance of healthy and delicious food for all diet types, a booming yoga culture, dance and networking events and healers from all walks of life, which means healing on an emotional, mental and physical level comes easy here, while having fun and letting your hair down is also possible!

Bali: The Perfect Destination For A Life Transformation

The community of women is very diverse too, many of them having escaped their 9 to 5 jobs and started building a new life for themselves on the island with professions out of the ordinary, such as photographers, healers, life coaches, DJ’s or models. 

The Modern Women Festival in October this years brings a wide array of these wonder women together, from the business world to spiritual community. And Bali Spirit Festival in March hosts a lot of workshops by women, who lead transformational, empowering and inspiring workshops to uplift each other and encourage an awakened feminine spirit.

No matter, if you are coming to Bali to find peace in nature, to detox your body, to work out, to find the right type of healing, to dance or to get in inspired by other badass women doing their thing, to listen within what your thing is, it’s all here for you to enjoy on the island of the Gods and Goddesses!

Once your transformation is over, you might never want to come back!

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  • Reply Hayyaa Mehta November 11, 2019 at 6:38 am

    I just love everything about bali… as it is one of my favourite place to be… I have been there once and I so want to go back again.

  • Reply Anne November 11, 2019 at 6:49 am

    Yes I hear you, it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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