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Airport Style: What To Wear When En Route

Airport Style: What To Wear When En Route

Have you ever seen celebrities and models looking so effortless and chic as they exit the airport? Seeing these images can make us all scratch our heads and wonder how in the world we can accomplish looking so good after a red-eye flight. Today we’re hoping to squash the assumption that looking good post-flight is something only for the rich and famous! That’s right, we’re talking about airport style!

From the coziest pieces to the gadgets you’ll be dying to have in your carry on, here are our favorites to wear when en route!

The Softest Cotton Tee

If there’s one thing to always turn to – no matter how short or long your flight is… it’s a soft, cotton tee! Dress it up with a nice jacket or get really cozy with a zip up hoodie or sweater. A soft tee shirt is a staple in every traveler’s closet. Hunting for your own perfect tee? Make sure to find a fit that’s slightly loose that makes you feel comfortable and unrestricted, and in a fabric that breathes and is oh so soft.

Airport Style: What To Wear When En Route

A Polished Midi-Coat

Nothing dresses up even the most jet lagged traveler than a polished midi-coat. Throw it on after going through security and you’ll be looking calm, cool and collected. We love using a midi-coat as a makeshift blanket on those chilly flights too! Looking put together and also down right comfortable? A total airport style win.

Airport Style: What To Wear When En Route

Relaxed Joggers

Joggers that fit well and are made with a cozy material are our favorite staple piece to throw on when heading out to the airport! They’re just as comfy as they are cool when paired with a pair of sneakers. But they’re also not too casual if you’re lucky enought to get upgraded to first class!

Airport Style: What To Wear When En Route

A Practical Backpack

Throw all your carry-on items in a sturdy, practical backpack. We love this one because it can stand a ton of wear and tear and also looks really cute when filled to the brim with all your necessities.

Airport Style: What To Wear When En Route

A Cool Leather Jacket

If your destination is a little warmer, opt for a slick leather jacket to up your airport style. Pop it on over your casual tee and relaxed joggers, and you’ll look effortlessly comfortable and ready to take on the world.

Airport Style: What To Wear When En Route

Neutral, Comfy Leather Flats

I love a buttery soft leather shoe, like this one for long haul flights. They’re insanely soft and lightweight, pack up easily and go with just about everything. I always choose shoes that can be dressed up or down for travel. And these fit the bill and then some! They’ll easily work for sightseeing in the city or dressed up for a nice dinner.

A Chic Smartwatch

A smartwatch may not seem like a typical choice for what to wear on a flight… but hear us out! Wearing your smartwatch when awaiting for your flight can keep you on track when you’re needing to get up and move your body, keep you informed on your destination’s weather and can help your maneuver through public transportation using GPS once you’re there. We like a minimalist look with a classic leather strap like this one!

Airport Style: What To Wear When En Route

A Cozy Scarf

A cozy scarf doubles as the perfect blanket on cold flights and keeps you warm and comfortable at the same time. We like to opt for a neutral color so it coordinates with all of your outfits and can double as a nice covering if you need to use it when entering religious sights!

Airport Style: What To Wear When En Route

Have you nailed your airport style? What pieces do you always turn to?

Looking for more travel style inspo? Check out our “what to pack” series and “how to not look like a tourist in” series too!

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