A Love Letter to Marrakech, Morocco

A Love Letter to Marrakech, Morocco

The most wonderful thing about dreams is seeing them come true. The years of yearning for you are ever so worth it. From your marvelous chaos and sun-drenched expanse, to your unforgettable flavors in earthenware dishes and languid afternoons sipping mint tea, every inch of you is fascinating, breathtaking, and arresting. Marrakech, I love you and I am completely smitten by you. 

A Love Letter to Marrakech, Morocco

I think about the scuffling feet of wanderers before me as I stroll through your centuries-old cobblestone lanes. 

I wonder about the paint-splattered hands of those who gave your walls their dusty rose hue and the inspiration behind the sweet, fawny shade. 

I gaze into the distance and imagine the changing seasons of glorious, undeterred traversing across your golden undulating dunes. 

I hear the sonorous melodies of singing birds interspersed with the voices of traders selling their wares and envisage the days where all of it began.

A Love Letter to Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, I adore you and I am absolutely besotted with you.

You swept away my fears of being a woman alone in a foreign country and in its place, you forged iron-willed courage and gumption.

You schooled me on the wonderful combination of old and new, of how these polar opposites can not just exist, but thrive, in the same space.

You showed me some of the most beautiful paths in life cannot be discovered without getting lost.

A Love Letter to Marrakech, Morocco

You taught me the beauty of timeless traditions that light a path forward in your terracotta terrains.

You showed me we belong, that in spite of our cultural and geographical differences, we are more alike than we can ever imagine. 

You exemplified how special diversity can be, that we do not have to speak the same language to be generous and hospitable, that kindness is the ultimate, universal love language understood by all. 

How different would our lives be if all of us are tethered to that simple, yet powerful notion of humanity? How different would our communities be? How different would our world be? 

A Love Letter to Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, I love you and I thank you. I am forever in your debt for enriching my life beyond measure.

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