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Pack Perfect: How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Greece

Greece is the ultimate chic summer getaway… don’t you think? Think glamorous, warm nights sipping local white wine, soaking in the sun with your girlfriends while noshing on fresh fruit and exploring the iconic white-washed coastlines. Should you find yourself booking a dreamy trip to Greece, it’s important to pack items that will keep you cool while also looking lovely and put together. After all, the refined style of European women is so incredible. Here’s how to not look like a tourist in Greece!

Pack Perfect: How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Greece

A Cool Slip Dress

We love a midi dress for travel because it’s the perfect combination of glamorous, yet conservative and cool. This v-neck style is effortless and can be worn alone, as a slip under a layered tee or underneath a cardigan after the sun sets. Plus, the pop of teal will have you looking one with Santorini/Greece’s iconic architecture.

Pack Perfect: How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Greece

A Midi Eyelet Skirt

A fit and flare skirt ripped right from an old black and white film. We love this flirty, feminine little number – especially because it pairs well with so many different looks and is super lightweight. It’s the perfect choice for wine tasting or shopping in boutiques.

Pack Perfect: How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Greece

Vintage Inspired Sunglasses

Greece’s harsh sunlight is no joke – so be sure to pack a pair of vintage-esque sunglasses with great UVA/UVB protection!

Pack Perfect: How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Greece

A Nautical-Inspired One Piece Swimsuits With A Feminine Twist

This one piece has the perfect amount of coverage, while still remaining classic and subtly sexy. It’s the perfect choice to wear underneath a coverup or airy dress knowing that you’ll be near the oceanside later in the day. When choosing a swimsuit for Greece, I like to ere on the side of slightly conservative (for my own comfort) with unique details, like a cool belt or a ruched fabric detail like this one. If you’d rather rock a two piece, I love this athetlic option with denim looking fabric!

A Romantic Ruffled Top

This crisp white, ruffled top has a nod of romanticism while also being functional. Pair it with denim on a cooler day or layer it over a swimsuit after dipping into a pool during the mid day heat. Greece is well known for its romance (it is considered to be one of the ultimate honeymoon destinations for a reason), so be sure to dress in tandem with its vibe!

Pack Perfect: How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Greece

Packable Sunscreen Spray

To protect your precious skin during your long walks around Santorini’s beaches or the harsh sun while exploring ancient sites like the Acropolis, be sure to pick up a packable sunscreen spray. We love this one because it can easily slip into your bag and is TSA approved! (P.S. if you’re looking for eco-friendly products we love, check this post out!)

Pack Perfect: How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Greece

Platform Wedges

We love wedges for travel because they inconspicuously add some height while being comfortable enough to wear all day. European women are known for wearing sky high heels (even on cobblestoned streets), but you won’t be looking like a tourist in these bad boys. These wedges are so comfy because of their thick ankle straps support your ankles and keep your feet from sliding around.P

Pack Perfect: How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Greece

A High Waisted Bikini

Go for a vintage look with a chic high waisted, belted bikini bottom for the perfect amount of coverage, paired with a classic, supportive top. The paradise blue color will have you blending in with the Santorini skies with ease!

An Easy Mini Bag

This chic little bag is has ultimate cool-girl look. The crochet detail feels artisan and its mini-size won’t have you feeling weighed down.

Pack Perfect: How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Greece

Hoping you have the most glamorous, romantic time in Greece! With these looks, you’ll be looking like a local in no time. Happy packing!

Pack Perfect

Pack Perfect – Our TSA Approved Beauty Faves

The beauty, skincare and the makeup industry seems to show no sign of stopping. With literally millions of YouTube tutorials on any type of “look” you might be going for, it’s clear that this saturated world of products has something for every type of woman in the world. However, as a traveler, we’ve actually found it to be quite a struggle to find TSA approved beauty products that do the trick and also meet packing standards!

Our most frequently asked questions on Instagram are almost always related to packing. That’s why we’re loving our new series Pack Perfect, where we get a chance to share our tips and tricks. Even though we’re definitely minimalists when it comes to makeup and skincare, we’ve definitely collected some standby favorites in perfectly small sized. Here are some of our TSA approved beauty faves!

TSA Rules

Before packing, it’s important that you become aware of the TSA’s security measures in place. For carry ons nearly all liquids, gels, aerosols and personal care items must be in a 3.4 oz or smaller container and in one single quart sized zippered bag that you can see through. That means, no ladies, you can’t bring a full-sized shampoo or conditioner!

If your skincare and haircare products are liquids or aerosols, put them into that clear quart sized bag. If your makeup is primarily powder based or compact, put it in a small makeup bag. Don’t stress out too much! We’ve found that those “iffy” products (like mascara and cream blush… are those liquids?) typically are fine if you place them in your makeup bag, instead of your clear bag. If it should be a problem, just leave a little wiggle room in your quart sized bag. As you can probably guess, the limits put in place by the TSA offer us an interesting challenge!

Our Beauty Must-Haves Standards

Typically, before any beauty item even comes close to touching our precious carry-ons, it must be a product that works in “real life.” Meaning, we’re not interested in packing products that are small just because of their size. We want each item to truly pack a punch. That means if a product doesn’t meet our standards in our day to day lives, it certainly isn’t entering our suitcases!

Knowing that a product is going to do its purpose is one thing, but a bonus is when a product can be used for multiple purposes. For example, a CC cream that doubles as a daily SPF while out and about? Total win-win. A face wash that also is capable of makeup removal? Count us in! You get the idea.

We’re also big on sticking to beauty products that hold up over time. You know, the type of product that doesn’t completely fall apart after some heat or crack with one bad fall. Even though our TSA beauty approved products are small, they’ve got to be mighty!

Here are our TSA Approved Beauty Favorites

Pack Perfect - Our TSA Approved Beauty Faves

Facial Spray with Aloe & RosewaterHeadbandDry Shampoo Set |
Bronzing Powder |Mini Milky Jelly Cleanser | Half-Moon Pouch |
Moroccanoil Volume Set | Tinted Lip BalmCC+ Cream With SPF 50 |
Travel Size MascaraLe Labo Body & Hair SetOrganic Sunscreen Spray |


What tops our favorite list? Well, we’re huge fans of Le Labo’s Travel Sized Body & Hair Set for getting clean and smelling just amazing, as well as Moroccanoil’s Volume Travel Kit for kicking our hair’s volume up a notch. Considering we love using these products at home, it’s amazing to also have them while on the road too! Each little bottle is so adorable and also smells just amazing. We also absolutely love using Glossier’s famous Milky Jelly Facial Cleanser to both wash away the girt and grime of a long day traveling, as well as remove makeup! If you’re off to sunny parts of the world… don’t forget to invest in organic sunscreen that won’t hurt the environment, like Coola’s Travel Size Sport SPF 50 Organic Sunscreen Spray and tie your hair up with something adorable. And ladies, our true saving grace… travel sized dry shampoo by Living ProofThis stuff will save any bad hair day, and is great during those in between days when you haven’t had time to wash your hair! 

Rounding out our list are a classic tube of Burt’s Bee’s Tined Lip Balm (for adding a dash of color while also hydrating those lips!), It Cosmetic’s famous SPF 50 CC+ Cream (this bad boy packs a punch for healthy skin and light, airy coverage), Mario Badescu Facial Spray (perfect for a long flight and dehydrated skin), a great Hoola bronzer by Benefitand a perfectly sized mascara (that will certainly make give any jet-lagged lady a lash lift). And, of course, every travel gal should have a glam little clear makeup case to keep all her goodies organized in!

We hope you like our Pack Perfect round ups! What are your favorite beauty products you always pack along in your travels?

Lifestyle What to Pack

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Travel Bag

Finding the perfect travel bag can be a challenge. You want your bag to be functional and practical for traveling, but not have to compromise on how stylish it is.

So, for when you need to consider form and function for your perfect travel bag, here are some tips on how to choose a cute handbag for travelling:


When travelling comfort is key- no one wants a bag that keeps slipping out of place or too small to fit everything. Luckily there are many types of travel bags out there so we can opt for a practical bag that is still cute. Some of the best designs for travelling are totes, backpacks, crossbody bags and shoulder bags.


There are many material options for travel bags, such as leather, water-resistant nylon and more. Leather is by far one of the best materials for a travel bag because while beautiful and super durable, it is also slash proof. You can find some gorgeous handmade travel bags online, on websites like Mirta for example, that carries authentic made in Italy leather goods.


The size of a travel bag bag is extremely important because you want to be able to fit what is needed during your travel days, but you don’t want it to be too big that it is uncomfortable to carry. You’ll want your travel essentials such as your phone, wallet, documents and passport, as well as any personal essentials at all times and not have to leave anything behind because your bag is too small!

Security measures

Security measures are an important aspect of your travel bag. Two things you’ll want to consider are RFID and zippers. Many travel bags come with RFID blocking card and passport slots, which make it difficult for your information to be stolen electronically. As for zippers, you’ll want your bag to close well and stay closed well while you’re traveling. Inside zippers also give another layer of safety.

A crossbody travel bag is arguably one of the most secure travel bags because they are less targeted by purse thieves since you wear it across your body and it also makes it easier on travelers because it ensures you are hands-free (though wearing it on your front and placing a hand on it in crowded places is recommended).

Good quality and durability

Traveling isn’t always easy on a handbag, so want to choose a bag that is durable and good quality. That way, it won’t show too much wear and tear after only some use and you can continue to use it for future trips as well. Plus, you want your bag to withstand its use while on your travels and not have to deal with a broken bag.

As long as you choose something you like and that will withstand your travels, a travel bag will be worth the investment as it will last years and many trips to come.

Pack Perfect What to Pack

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You’re Flying

Airport Style: What To Wear While En Route

From the coziest pieces to the most stylish, here are our airport essentials we love to pack and wear while en route!

Cotton Tee

If there’s one thing to always turn to – no matter how short or long your flight is… it’s a soft, cotton tee! Dress it up with a nice jacket or get really cozy with a zip up hoodie or sweater. A soft tee shirt is a staple in every traveler’s closet. Hunting for your own perfect tee? Make sure to find a fit that’s slightly loose that makes you feel comfortable and unrestricted, and in a fabric that breathes and is oh so soft.

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

A Polished Mid-Length Coat

Nothing dresses up even the most jet lagged traveler than a midi-coat. Throw it on after going through security and you’ll be looking calm, cool and collected. We love using a midi-coat as a makeshift blanket on those chilly flights too! Looking put together and also down right comfortable? A total airport essential style win.

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

Relaxed Jeans

Jeans that fit well and are a relaxed fit are our favorite staple piece to throw on when heading out to the airport! They’re just as comfy as they are cool when paired with a pair of sneakers. But they’re also not too casual if you’re lucky enough to get upgraded to first class!

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

A Cozy Scarf

When it comes to staying warm and comfortable in the most uncomfortable of places, we love our favorite cozy scarf that doubles as a warm blanket on cold flights! Made with baby alpaca wool, it’s packable and keeps you warm and comfortable at the same time. We like to opt for a neutral color so it coordinates with all of your outfits and can double as a nice covering if you need to use it when entering religious sights!

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

Silk Eye-Mask

An un-interrupted rest on a red eye flight is heaven on earth! That’s why we love Moonlit Skincare’s silk “Let Me Sleep” eye mask. We love that its interior pitch-black paneling blocks out distracting light to increase melatonin production. Imagine popping it on after you get settled into your seat and waking up in a new country! 

Airport Essentials: What To Wear En Route

The Perfect Toiletry Case

A standard airport essential that’s ready and waiting in every Dame Traveler’s carry on – a toiletry bag that can hold every little item needed. This vegan toiletry case by Matt & Nat can handle all the TSA approved beauty items you have in your bag, and look good while doing it! 

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

A Cool Leather Jacket

If your destination is a little warmer, opt for a slick leather jacket to up your airport style. Pop it on over your casual tee and relaxed joggers, and you’ll look effortlessly comfortable and ready to take on the world.

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

The Ideal Travel Backpack

There’s nothing quite like having the peace of mind knowing that all your things are exactly in the right place. And that’s why we’re obsessed with The Pakt Travel Backpack. Designed for real travelers, by real travelers – this backpack is waterproof, carry-on friendly, features top access (perfect for grabbing your laptop or passport when in a rush!), an external bottle pocket, comfy as all heck shoulder straps, lockable zippers, and so much more. Simply put – one of our must have airport essentials. There’s no other travel backpack that is this intentional, streamlined and made for explorers! 

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

Neutral, Comfy Leather Flats

I love a buttery soft leather shoe, like this one for long haul flights. They’re insanely soft and lightweight, pack up easily and go with just about everything. I always choose shoes that can be dressed up or down for travel. And these fit the bill and then some! They’ll easily work for sightseeing in the city or dressed up for a nice dinner.

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

Warm Socks

Coziness is the key element of every item a seasoned traveler hunts for! We’re obsessed with this Globetrotter Set, filled with the ultimate-soft alpaca socks to pop on, a hypoallergenic travel blanket and a snuggly eye mask. The alpaca wool is incredibly durable (and sourced sustainably!), and so much softer than any other fabric we’ve encountered. It’s one of the airport essentials you’ll always be glad you packed!

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

Silk Pillowcase 

Add a bit of luxury to your airport experience with a silk pillow case. This plush item takes up basically zero space in your carry on and prevents wrinkles and breakage in hair… so you can count us in! While most cotton pillowcases you’re given on a long-haul flight are absorbent and cause creasing, a 100% mulberry silk does not – letting your skin care items do their best work. It’s a little treat we love to give ourselves when en route! 

Airport Essentials: What To Wear En Route

Have you nailed your airport style? What pieces do you always turn to?

Looking for more travel style inspo? Check out our “what to pack” series and “how to not look like a tourist in” series too!


Our Cozy Spotify Playlist Perfect For Fall Adventures

A cup of coffee. Fall leaves changing. The brisk cool air of autumn. Yep, we’re ready and excited for fall. Whether you’re an East Coast American fully embracing “sweater weather,” or savoring the slower seasons ahead around the world – we’re excited to share another seasonal Spotify playlist.

As travelers, we’re constantly preparing a million things before we jet off to the next adventure. Packing, planning, etc. is a lot to handle! And that’s why we want to add an easy, comforting touch to your explorations.

If you didn’t know, we love curating songs based on destinations, cultural experiences and travel vibes/moods. There’s something so incredible about having the perfect soundtrack. Music is powerful. It can transform the mundane into something epic. It can transform your outlook and mood within minutes. So, don’t overlook it!

Today, we’re spotlighting our Cozy In Copenhagen Spotify playlist. Filled with slower, acoustic numbers – this list of songs goes great with a warm cup of coffee and a drizzle of rain. You’ll find songs of happiness and contentment mixed with soothing guitar and piano pieces that are sure to get you in the perfect mindset for fall. Get your cozy sweater on and embrace the season, Dame Travelers. This playlist is perfect for the impending fall weather ahead.

Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any of our new playlists! And be sure to check out our other monthly Spotify playlists we’ve shared on the blog too.

What vibe/destination would you like next on our Spotify channel? Airport vibes? Solo-independent empowerment songs? Spanish/Flamenco inspired jams? We’d love to know!