9 Clever Travel Hacks You Won’t Believe You Haven’t Tried Before

9 Clever Travel Hacks You Won’t Believe You Haven’t Tried Before

The travel industry is big business, and they make a lot of money from the ignorance or plain laziness of some of their clients. However, it’s also an industry that rewards savvy travelers. Traveling can be costly, but there are so many ways that you can save if you’re ready to look and do the work. In some cases, you may not only get savings, but better comforts, amenities, and an overall better traveling experience. Here a few clever hacks that will make traveling cheaper and easier.

Fly Regional

If you have the choice between a national and regional airline, we strongly suggest you pick a regional airline. They’re in no way inferior in terms of service – quite the contrary! A lot of them offer additional perks. For instance, carriers like Porter Airlines offer more space, less crowded flights, and faster boarding. Their staff are also much more accommodating and will make you feel like an actual guest. You’ll also get things like free beverages and drinks throughout your flight and get to lounge back on some comfy leather seats for a change. It’s like getting a free upgrade from economy. If you want to learn more about them or see their offers, you can book flights at

Don’t Fall for Comparison Sites’ Dirty Tricks

You might think that you’re always getting the best deals from comparison site, but you’d be in for a surprise. These sites use a lot of dirty tricks to make you pay more on flights. For instance, they might intentionally show you pricier flights on those you’ve searched for before.

They do this by installing a cookie on your machine that will report your searching history so they can take advantage of it. So, before you conduct a search, we suggest you either erase all cookies and start fresh, or better yet, always navigate these sites in private mode to avoid cookies from being implanted in the first place.

9 Clever Travel Hacks You Won’t Believe You Haven’t Tried Before

Use the HostelWorld App

If you like to travel on the cheap and are looking for great places to crash during your trip, we strongly suggest that you download the HostelWorld app right now. The app is extremely easy to use and you’ll get full descriptions and reviews of each place before you book. The app also has a neat map feature that allows you to know exactly in which part of town a particular spot is located so you can start doing some research.

Get Cash Back On Your Bookings

There are tons of services that will allow you to get cash back on bookings and purchases, like Ebates for instance. You really have no reason not to use these if you regularly make purchases and book hotels online. These services will literally give you free money on any purchase you make through them.

The way they work is that they will form partnerships with various providers across industries. As a kickback, they offer these companies publicity through their service. Services like Ebates are also affiliates with these companies, which allows them to earn commission. The money they give you is simply taken out of their commission.

However, one thing you’ll have to watch out for with these is that they tend to be very aggressive with their emailing. While these can be useful to stay aware of the latest deals, we suggest you set your email filters so that their messages will be redirected automatically into a secondary folder. This way, you’ll be able to check them out when you actually want to.

Always Carry an Empty Water Bottle with You

These $4 water bottles they sell you on flights can easily add up. If you always bring an empty bottle with you, you’ll be able to fill it up just before you board and have enough to keep you hydrated throughout the flight. You can also use it to keep fresh water or a beverage of your choice wherever you go so you won’t have to spend extra money on refreshments when you’re out and about or eating somewhere.

Get a Furnished Apartment

If you’re going to be spending more than two weeks somewhere, we strongly suggest you get yourself a furnished apartment instead of a hotel room – especially if you’re traveling with a group. You’ll be able to save on food and cook your own meals. This alone could allow you to save hundreds of dollars. You’ll also be able to kick it back home if you don’t feel like going out. Or you could always call a few friends over for a shindig. You’ll get pretty much all the amenities you’d get at a hotel, but at a fraction of the price and with much more space. You’ll be able to split the cost of the room and won’t have to deal with overcrowded lobbies and the overall lack of privacy of hotels.

Scope Out the Seat Layout

If you’re on one of these flights where you can pick your seat beforehand when booking online, take advantage of it! The seat you pick can make a huge difference. For instance, some seats may actually give you some extra legroom. Some will be closer to the bathroom. These are all things that you should be looking at when picking seats. If you want more information, you can use a service like SeatGuru, enter flight details, and get first hand reviews from people who boarded the same plane.

Know When to Book

There are some great times when you can book flights and accommodation, and times you should avoid completely. So, it would be wise to know which ones are the best for you. For instance, Wednesdays are usually a great time to book a flight, but the time of the day is also very important. You have more chances of getting a great deal on a flight that leaves at 4am for instance.

For hotels, your best bet would be to book on a Sunday. Weekdays are usually for business travellers, and weekends for families. But vacancies are very common on Sundays. So, take advantage of this and get some great deals. Don’t be afraid to haggle either – most hotels would rather book cheaper rooms than not book them at all, so work on your negotiation skills and don’t be afraid to explore your options.

Don’t Sleep at Hotels

On the other hand, you could also skip the hotel all together and sleep on the road. If you want to save on overnight accommodation, why not book a trip on the shut eye? If you’re thinking of moving around during your trip, you should consider booking a trip during nighttime hours. This way you’ll wake up fresh and ready for the day in your new destination. You’ll also have saved you a bit more time to explore it and have fun.

All these tips and tricks can significantly improve your traveling experience, help you save, and allow you to enjoy more of your favorite hobby. Make sure to always look for new ways to make things easier for you, and take advantage of all the great deals and offers that are there for the taking.

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