6 Reasons To Cruise (From A Former Non-Cruiser)

6 Reasons To Cruise (From A Former Non-Cruiser)

Admittedly, I used to be against cruising. Before I took one, that is! I thought being confined to a boat would be restricting…after all someone is taking you to a destination and telling you how much time you can spend there. But, as it turns out, I changed my mind and have taken several cruises throughout the Caribbean and Europe. Here’s why I’ve now become a big advocate for vacationing on the water.

Take Your Hotel Room With You

Many of us love to travel, but packing and unpacking are dreadful. Add in having to repack during a trip, and it ends up becoming a point of frustration. Not so with a cruise! Your home base goes along with you. For those who have trouble sleeping it is a big plus only having to adjust to one new bed. You can also unload your belongings into drawers, claim permanent space in the bathroom, and have a place to hang your clothes.

Maximize Your Time

Imagine closing your eyes in one place and opening them in a whole new world. It’s magical! Being able so to sleep while someone else does the driving and explore a new place every day is invigorating and fun.

Relax At Sea

Chances are your cruise will have a day at sea, which ultimately means that you are on the ship all day. What a great opportunity to sleep in, read a book, lounge by the pool, or explore the ship! Time at sea is relaxing and helps you unwind. Often the cruise line will have special activities, so be sure to catch a show or play a game while on board.

Make Like-Minded Friends

Just think of it. You are on a ship with many others who have the same budget, free time, and interests that you do. Make friends, and get to know them better by booking the same excursions or scheduling the same dinner times. After all, you never know who you’ll meet.

Don’t Stress About Meals

Warning: on our first family cruise, each and every one of us gained five pounds. Food was everywhere all of the time! I partially blame the 24-hour soft serve machine. Although we have learned from that experience, the idea that you don’t have to worry about meals is a huge plus. And there is usually a wide variety of food available for different tastes or dietary restrictions. Even if you choose to disembark at a port (please do!), you can hop back on the boat to grab lunch if you so desire.

Port Information Is At The Ready

Wondering what to do at the stops you’ll make? The cruise line has excursions available for an extra fee. Whether you choose to join the ship’s activities or make your own (we have rented ATVs and scooters at many ports), the staff can help give you ideas of how to maximize your time on land while hitting the highlights at the port.

Still not convinced? If you are concerned at all about budget, a cruise can help you stay within your price range. With the all-inclusive feel, you only have to add on the cost of excursions, alcohol, and getting to and from the ship from your home. The possibilities are endless, but the ability to calculate a final cost is helpful!

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