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10 Bucketlist Places To See Autumn’s Colors

11 Bucketlist Places To See Autumn's Colors

Fall is our favorite season here at Dame Traveler. The crisp air, the changing leaves bursting with color, the cozy feeling from rainy mornings. While most people associate fall with the northeastern part of America, we wanted to spotlight some unexpected, bucketlist places around the world to see autumn’s colors come alive.

Vermont’s Green Mountains

Is there any place more made for fall than Vermont? Between the quaint, postcard looking towns, craft and artisanal shops and amazing landscapes, Vermont is also stocked with some of America’s best autumn colors.

11 Bucketlist Places To See Autumn's Colors

Kyoto, Japan

Visit Kyoto’s temple gardens and hillside trails are gorgeous in any season. But we’re particularly enthralled with Kyoto during the peak autumnal season. Watching as the changing leaves flourish in some of the most ancient and beautiful of places is so precious! Locals are even so infatuated with “momijigari,” or “read leaf hunting,” that you’re bound to see lots of nature lovers in their element during the fall season!

11 Bucketlist Places To See Autumn's Colors


Stop into Boston during its peak fall season and you’ll be greeted by a city flocked with gorgeously colored trees. Don’t be fooled. Boston’s tree canopy is quite impressive for a metropolitan city of its size! In between touring the historic quarters lined with leaves of orange and red, be sure to pop by Harvard’s campus. There’s something so classically autumn seeing a collegiate campus in peak autumn colors!

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Known for its golden leaves, hiking the Rocky Mountain National Park’s western route has become somewhat of a seasonal tradition for many locals. And it’s easy to see why! The willow and aspen trees create a colorful canopy unlike any we’ve seen before.

11 Bucketlist Places To See Autumn's Colors

Arrowtown, New Zealand

Located just a stone’s throw away from Queenstown, this region has made quite a name for itself due to its absolutely stunning natural landscape. The golds, reds and yellows of the hills and riverbanks are sure to floor you. Just make sure that you come during New Zealand’s fall, not North America’s – between March and May is best!

Lake Sfânta Ana, Romania

Trek through Romania’s forests and you’re bound to feel the historic folklore from its past. You never know what you might run into in Romania’s forests! Dracula? Witches? It truly feels like walking through a storybook. Seeing the lake surrounded by dense forests of vivid colors is a special treat.

11 Bucketlist Places To See Autumn's Colors

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Soak in the skyscraper-like evergreens, craggy mountains, open lakes and trees of florescent colors in fall… and thank us later. Grand Teton National Park boasts some of the most stunning vistas in America in our opinion. Don’t overlook it!

Bar Harbor, Maine

40 miles of mind blowing autumnal hues along Maine’s coastline is wild to see. The spectrum of colors found in Acadia National Park is unlike many other northeastern locations in America. It’s truly unique! Hike the coastal trails, soaking in the scenic colors of fall in between fresh lobster and enjoy mother nature’s color display.

11 Bucketlist Places To See Autumn's Colors

Bavaria, Germany

The country of hidden castles and fairytales is sure to thrill any traveler, any time of year. But there really is something to be said about the Bavarian region of Germany in peak fall. Truly, the Neuschwanstein Castle surrounded in reds, oranges and yellows is a true dream.

11 Bucketlist Places To See Autumn's Colors

Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley is already stunning. Filled with castles and rolling hills, this area of France is a traveler’s delight. But… visiting the Loire Valley during the foliage festival, sipping French wine, all while free from tourists? A real treat! Autumn really shows off here!

11 Bucketlist Places To See Autumn's Colors

What’s your favorite place to see autumn’s colors?

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    What a fantastic list! Hopefully this year I’ll get to Boston (and maybe Salem and Providence too) and Vermont! Everywhere else looks so amazing also!

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