Europe Photography

    My Shades of Grecian Blue: Postcards in Aqua & Azure

    The smell of salt air and Greek earth greets me in the early morning, coffee in hand:  Symi Island

    Wine at dusk from the balcony and the sweet sound of church bells: Porto Heli

    Ship gazing & day dreaming: Porto Heli

    My feet can’t stop thirsting to discover every door, every alley: Mykonos Island

    Writing & Cabana living: Spetses Island

    I’m a mere drop in the ocean, the essence of Greece in blue: Aegina Island


  • Journal Latin America

    A Changing Cuba

    Overall I’m not exactly sure what magic would be waiting for me in Cuba. Images of crumbling colonial buildings filled my mind’s eye. Of American 1950s classics rattling their way through traffic. Of streets…

  • Middle East

    Egypt: Arabian Night…mare

    When you think of the word “Egypt”, what are the first things that pop up in your mind? Maybe, pyramids. Sphinx. Red Sea. Arabs. Camels. Sahara Desert. Mummies. Nile River. Sand. Sand. Lots of…