The definition of the word Dame in the dictionary is:

“The title of a woman who has been awarded of high ranking or of an empire.”

I chose the name #dametraveler because we wanted to exemplify strength, fearlessness and courage. When a female travels solo, she throws caution to the wind and she trusts the universe to protect her while she uses her instincts to make smart decisions. And so, this is where you come in! We cant wait to see what you have in store for us to share with the world.


My name is Nastasia Wong and I am the founder of Dame Traveler women’s travel blog. My love affair with travel began just over five years ago when my now husband took me on a spur of the moment adventure to Ireland. I had shared on our first date that I had never traveled, and always dreamt of Dublin. I’ve explored over 40 countries since!

The birth of Dame Traveler was far from glamorous. My life quickly and drastically changed as I recovered from a back injury, and was unable to pursue my career with my Bachelor’s in Nursing. Stricken to bed rest, dreaming of adventure, Dame Traveler was born, blossoming to a community of shared love.

I am passionate about a global community that connects, informs, and inspires women because of my own experiences. I believe in pursuits from the heart. Raised by a strict, yet loving family, it is not uncommon for people of my Middle Eastern culture to commit to an arranged marriage. Ever since I was a youngin’, I knew that marrying a stranger at a young age was not the path for me, and I constantly challenged my parents. After catching a glimpse of Chicago’s glittering skyline, I made the leap and moved to a new city on my own. It is through numerous heart flutters — and through blood, sweat, and tears — that I have overcome my culture and family’s expectations and personal perseverance. I have, and continue to, fight hard to live a life of a passion.

The obstacles I have overcome have been worth the struggle. Hard work pays off.

I put myself through nursing school and started a new life in a big city on my own. I’m now living in New York and traveling the world. Sometimes solo, sometimes with new friends and sometimes with people I love. I’m a Global Citizen, slowly, achieving each of my dreams… and hoping you will too.

Experiencing life is a lot different than just living it. An experience tells a story which will be carried on over generations. The stories we share on Dame Traveler are more than about making travel a priority. These guides, tips, and destination reviews are just the start of YOUR journey.

Our mission is to make this world a more connected, peaceful, compassionate and loving place. What better way to do that than to travel it?

Thank you for visiting, and don’t be afraid to say hello! Would love to hear from you.

❥ Nastasia, founder of Dame Traveler

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