Keep Wandering, Dear-Heart: A Poem For Wandering Women

    Keep Wandering, Dear-Heart: A Poem For Wandering Women

    Keep wandering, dear-heart.
    Keep your hopes high and your lists long and your eyes open to it all.
    Bloom and blossom and grow.
    Dodge through short layovers and awake ready and eager.
    Seek the grand possibilities each day unfolds in front of you.
    Live out of suitcases, gather up the know-how to find your way there.
    Be jet lagged. Be bold. Brave.
    Just keep wandering.

    Consider yourself to be a just fragment of history and a curious student of life.
    Just keep wandering.
    Live unconventionally.
    Spend less on shoes than you do on baggage.
    Grow roots where you settle, if only for a day.
    Find little reminders of who you are, no matter where you are.
    Seek out echoes of your past lives and eerily familiar places.
    Find the sight that makes your heart palpitate.
    Make the remote your refuge. Make the hustle and bustle your own buzz.
    Get dizzy with excitement.
    Don’t lose your spark, your passion, to expectations.

    “There are so many places I want to call home.”
    Yes, me too. You aren’t alone. You’re here.
    Just keep wandering.


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